Don’t Put off Summer Maintenance! It Just Takes a Day or Two to Have your Deck Look New!

Summer decks working overtimeSummer is a busy time for outdoor backyards with decks and patios working overtime with barbeques and summer parties going in full swing. Homeowners who missed the all-important spring maintenance time of their deck and other outdoor structures may feel that now is not the right time to address cleaning, staining and sealing their decks because it will interfere with the summer use of their biggest outdoor living area.  Renew Crew of Charlotte can come in during the week and take care of things quickly so it is ready for your family gathering next weekend so there is virtually no lost time in the enjoyment of your deck.

Charlotte wood-deck-stained-with-stone-fire-pitSummer is one of the very best times to take care of deferred maintenance that is affecting your prized outdoor structures and will have them looking virtually brand new in a jiffy with our patented eco-friendly 3-step process that is one of the best in the industry. If you are doing some heavy outdoor entertaining, you shouldn’t be embarrassed by a deck that is looking grubby worn and dirty in the middle of summer fun. Spilled food and drinks leave stains, BBQ grease is inevitable and the summer heat can leave a deck looking faded and shabby particularly if it has been neglected for some time. Ensure pride of ownership and take care of your deck or patio so that it does not suffer through summer heat without being fully protected. Extra TLC during the scorching dry weather we’re having in Charlotte this year is even more important than usual, as we are seeing many decks that are damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause cracking, splinters and even deep splitting of the wood boards. Ignoring this type of damage can lead to costly repairs or replacement later.

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Preventative maintenance is key to the continued enjoyment of your deck, patio, pergola and other outdoor structures. Renew Crew of Charlotte can help you tackle this important task while you are at work so you suffer no down-time and your deck is party ready for the upcoming weekend. Luckily for our customers, typical deck maintenance is typically no more than a one or two day endeavor, so we will have you back enjoying the outdoors in no time.

The Renew Crew difference in action

The Renew Crew difference in action.

Some customers just need a really good cleaning with our patented foaming action cleanser that is safe for the environment, pets and your family. It easily cuts through dirt and mildew and has a pretty big effect on making things look pretty fabulous. Depending on the size of the deck this usually takes no more than a few hours and you can enjoy dinner on the deck that very evening. If it’s time for a re-stain and sealing of your deck, that usually just takes another day or two at most in many cases and you can return to normal use of the deck. So, it’s truly unnecessary to put off maintenance during the summer time simply because you feel that you will lose use of the deck for an extended period of time—it’s simply not the case!

Your Charlotte deck is more than "just" a deck!

Summer is a busy time for outdoor backyards with decks and patios working overtime with barbeques and summer parties going in full swing.

At Renew Crew of Charlotte we not only make decks and patios look like new, we also clean house siding, sidewalks, concrete, flagstone, fences, porches, gazebos, pergolas, driveways and more! We can revive most of your outdoor structures so they are clean, protected and revitalized. And don’t think for a minute that our eco-friendly services are more expensive than our  competitors—we are totally in line with any other outdoor cleaning companies out there—most of which don’t have the level of experience or references we have and tend to use harsh chemicals that end up doing damage (like bleach!) to not only wood, but also surrounding landscaping plants and leave a icky odor. And beware the cheapskate “man with a powerwasher” who knocks on doors to offer a cheap cleaning of your deck. Truly anyone with a powerwasher can claim to clean your deck at an unbelievably low price, but the damage that can be created by an inexperienced individual can be very costly thanks to gouging and pitting of the wood that is irreparable and then has to be replaced, particularly when harmful chemicals are added to the equation.

Renew Crew of CharlotteDon’t regret putting off summer deck maintenance or using the wrong person who can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs later. Contact Renew Crew of Charlotte to get yourself on a regular routine deck maintenance schedule at 704-944-1350 or via email at and we will have you back in the outdoor fun in just a day or two in most cases! It’s not too late to take care of your outdoor living space before summer heat causes further destructive issues.





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