Labor Day Parties are Being Planned Now! Get the Look of a New Deck and Sparkling Clean Siding Before the Guests Arrive!

Let Renew Crew of Charlotte help make your Labor Day outdoor celebration the best ever!

Let Renew Crew of Charlotte help make your Labor Day outdoor celebration the best ever!

The three-day Labor Day holiday is coming and that means the final summer party of the season is being planned by many right now. We have a few slots available so that we can come in and give your deck, patio, driveway, sidewalk or home siding a sparkling clean look that you will swear looks good as new. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your outdoor looking party ready!

There’s no need to feel ashamed by a grungy deck or patio during this year’s holiday barbecue.  If you’ve been busy this summer and have put off maintaining some of your backyard outdoor structures, Renew Crew of Charlotte can help you clean the dirt and mold that has taken over. Without any fuss we can quickly clean, re-stain and seal your deck so that partygoers can hang out all Labor Day weekend and you can take pride in your property.  We make it so easy, that you don’t even have to be home!

Before and After Deck and Hardscape Cleaning by Renew Crew.

Before and After Deck and Hardscape Cleaning by Renew Crew.

If you’re busy at work and getting the kids ready for school, we know that your time is limited. And this is the #1 reason hardscape maintenance is put off in most American backyards on an annual basis. Many of our customers also don’t have the proper equipment to handle the task either, and we’ve seen people do serious damage by attempting to power wash their own deck and home. We have seen home siding with large holes and decks virtually ruined by a power washer with too high a PSI level and the wrong chemicals (like harsh bleach) use with disastrous results. Inappropriate chemicals can kill your landscape, bleach out the wood on your deck, and harm a wood plank to the point that it is permanently gouged and splintered which can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Renew Crew of Charlotte CleanOur professionally trained technicians take all the aggravation and stress out of refreshing your deck, patio and home with our exclusive and safe 3-step process that eliminates the worry of maintaining the largest investment in your backyard. You simply cannot ignore the care of your deck and patio, because it can lead and costly replacement later. Renew Crew of Charlotte can preserve your outdoor structures for long-term use and enjoyment. We will be sure to get your outdoor living area party ready!

Dog and kid on deck

Our products are safe and environmentally friendly!

If you are worried about chemicals and the safety of your family and pets, we can assure you that our patented environmentally friendly solution to eradicating years of grime and mildew growth is safe. We utilize a foaming cleaning agent that carefully removes nasty grime without harming the wood planks. We don’t use any dangerous chemical products such as bleach that can ruin your prized plants, shrubs and flowers and can harshly decolorize your wood and damage your patio. Renew Crew’s sealer specially guards your deck against mildew and mold, blocks UV rays of the sun which can lighten wood and cause it to dry out,  and protects from the harsh winter  effects too. Mold and mildew is also dangerous because it is slippery and can cause slips and falls if not removed. Time-worn wood will look fresh and be completely revitalized.

Summer decks working overtimeYou don’t need to feel embarrassed about your ragged and shabby deck this Labor Day. Renew Crew of Charlotte will ensure you pride of ownership when you entertain friends at your next outdoor party at a very reasonable price and a time that fits your schedule. You will benefit by prolonging the life of your deck, pergola, fence or any outdoor structure so that you can avoid pricey replacement as long as possible.

Renew Crew can tackle cleaning wood, concrete, brick and even composite materials in a eco-friendly way that is family, pet and landscape friendly.  Call us now so that we can put you on our pre-Labor Day schedule as appointments are filling up fast. Contact Renew Crew of Charlotte today to learn more about our keeping your outdoor surfaces looking great year after year! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-944-1350 or send us an email at

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