Renew Crew of Charlotte works magic on South Charlotte stucco home and outdoor space!

What we do to get your outdoor surfaces revitalized isn't exactly magic, but it you’d swear some of our customers think so when we are done!

What we do to get your outdoor surfaces revitalized isn’t exactly magic, but our customers think so once we are completed!

What we do to get your outdoor surfaces revitalized isn’t exactly magic, but many of our customers would think so once we are completed! Renew Crew of Charlotte just finished one such project off of Carmel Road in the South Charlotte area, and the homeowners were amazed by the transformation.

This stucco home desperately needed a good cleaning, but the homeowners were afraid of cracking and damaging this more delicate house covering so had put off cleaning it. Our experienced technicians know exactly what it takes to clean and rejuvenate stucco surfaces without doing any harm and leaving it bright and clean. Unlike our competitors who use high-powered pressure washers to get out dirt and stains, we let our specially formulated environmentally friendly cleaners do the work of getting all the gunk out of surfaces.

Charlotte exterior home cleaning

Renew Crew’s foaming cleansers are allowed to “steep” on stucco siding, which means we give it time to set in to do its work. We don’t need to rush the job just get in and out of your property quickly like those power washing companies—we take our time to do it right in a low-impact manner that does not damage your home, landscape or surfaces. After our cleaners get your stucco clean, we gently rinse it clean at very low pressure so that your stucco maintains all its character and integrity. Most home cleaning companies do not have the expertise to clean stucco surfaces properly and can wreak havoc on your home that can lead to costly repairs. Don’t risk putting your stucco home into the hands of the wrong home cleaning company! You can clearly see how the stucco looks brighter and it’s returned to look like when it was first applied:

Before abd After Stucco cleaning on Carmel Road

Before and after stucco cleaning in South Charlotte.

South Charlotte Deck pressure washing

These homeowners also have a spacious 2-tier deck that had seen better days, as it was riddled green with mold, peeling and pitted from neglect. Needless to say, this deck was far from looking ready for springtime entertaining! We assured the homeowner’s that we could give them the look of a brand new deck WITHOUT the need for an expensive replacement and without harming anything. After a good cleaning, this deck was then stained to give it a lighter color and then sealed for protection.  As promised, it looks refreshed and like new so it can provide many more years of service without needing a replacement. Renew Crew of Charlotte has prolonged the life of this deck that will result in a longer lifespan and saving this homeowner money in the long run.

Before and after deck cleaning and staining on Carmel Road

Amp up the curb appeal of your home and its outdoor structures such as your fence, deck, patio, walkways and pool deck. A professional cleaning adds immediate value to your property, saves you money by eliminating costly repairs and even prolongs the need to replace expensive backyard structures. Let us clean, stain/paint and preserve your wood, Hardie/cement plank, vinyl, aluminum and stone exterior materials so they gleam with pride of ownership!

Renew Crew of CharlotteDon’t place your home’s stucco siding in the wrong hands. Trust Renew Crew of Charlotte to take on the job and for a fresh home façade with zero damage. Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-944-1350 or send us an email at

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