Renew Your Outdoor Surfaces in 2017 with Renew Crew of Charlotte!

Begin 2017 with the Renew Crew of Charlotte cleanEvery New Year begins with the determination and hope to make it a better year than the one before. This may involve personal, physical and financial goals you look to achieve in the coming year. 2017 is almost here and that means a fresh start — a clean slate — a new beginning. A good catalyst to begin your journey is to ensure your everyday living spaces are conducive to your success. A great starting point is having you home exterior clean and renewed!

Charlotte Exterior House Cleaning

Coming home to a clean home every evening creates an atmosphere of success. In much the same way looking your personal best inspires positivity, so does your environment. Renew Crew of Charlotte specializes in exterior cleaning and surface renewal. We can have your home, and even your business, clean and bright from the entrance to the backyard surfaces for the New Year.

Say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new with our menu of services:

  • Siding cleaning: Our siding cleaning process begins with pre-soak foam which loosens the grime that has built up on the surfaces. Unlike outdoor cleaners other companies use, ours is environmentally friendly and won’t cause any damage to plants, animals or your home. This is followed by a non-damaging controlled pressure rinse. However, it is our third and final step, which truly sets us apart from the rest. We take cleaning and exterior surface rejuvenation one step further by protecting it to repel harmful outdoor elements, including UV rays.
  • Matthews Concrete CleaningConcrete driveway & sidewalk cleaning: Renew Crew of Charlotte provides concrete cleaning and sealing to not only make your concrete last longer, but also look better. While some embedded stains may be too difficult to erase entirely, our exclusive cleaning solution and light pressure washing will wash away most dirt that has built up over time. After cleaning the concrete, we come back to seal it. The sealant, which is available in several finishes, will close open pores on the surface, stopping dirt, oil, water, etc. from penetrating concrete — leaving your driveway, sidewalks and other concrete surfaces Renew Crew Clean. We also clean brick, pavers and all the hardscape surfaces around your home too!
  • Deck and wooden outdoor surface cleaning: Your deck and other outdoor living space surfaces deserve proper care and maintenance to protect them from exposure to the elements, changing seasons, time and everyday wear and tear. Proper deck care and maintenance involves protection & sealing. Renew Crew of Charlotte is the area’s first and only choice for professional exterior surface cleaning and protection. We can clean and protect your deck, making it ready to handle all of your special outdoor moments with family and friends and robust everyday use.

Start 2017 with a clean slate — Contact us today at 704-944-1350 to learn more and Happy New Year from Renew Crew of Charlotte!

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