Place Your Home’s Entry Best Face Forward with the Renew Crew of Charlotte Clean!

hardscape entrance path flower bed Weddington NCYour home’s front entry gives the first impression of how your home is perceived by others. Whether your home has a large covered front porch, a hardscape or brick stoop or a portico, the time guests spend waiting on your door to be answered gives them a supreme chance to inspect your entry’s appearance.

How does it make you feel to know that mold, mildew and dirt may be lurking on the siding, trim, railing and ceiling of your front entry? Have you even walked outside of your front door to inspect the area that guests see as they arrive at your front door?

A good rule-of-thumb to determine the appearance and condition of your home’s entry is to walk outside, and enter your home traveling the same path that visitors would use. This may include the sidewalk, front steps and entire space that encompasses the perimeter of your entry. Look around. What do you see?

Charlotte concrete and stone cleaning

  • Leaf stained charlotte sidewalkIs you sidewalk stained from leaves and debris left during the fall?
  • Are your brick steps or hardscapes dingy or showing signs of visible organic growth in the joints?
  • Is your siding dirty, dingy or moldy?
  • Does the soffit and fascia or ceiling or your front entry look dirty and timeworn?
  • Is your wooden front porch flooring grey and unpleasant?

If you can answer yes to one of more of the questions above, then it is time to contact Renew Crew of Charlotte.

Front Porch cleaningRenew Crew of Charlotte recently completed a whole house clean in South Charlotte with the impetus of the project as the front porch. As you can clearly see from the before, during and after images, the home now welcomes guest with a clean and renewed appearance:

Our 3-step process starts with pre-soak foam. Unlike outdoor cleaners that most pressure washing companies in Charlotte use, ours is environmentally friendly and won’t cause any damage to plants, animals or your outdoor surfaces. Once our foam has had a chance to penetrate your outdoor surfaces to loosen the dirt and grime, we use non-damaging controlled pressure to rinse it all, leaving your outdoor exteriors and spaces looking beautiful. The third and final step in our Renew Crew process is what truly sets us apart from other outdoor surface cleaning companies. We take cleaning and exterior surface rejuvenation one step further and protect it to repel harmful outdoor elements, including UV rays.

Charlotte front porch cleaning

At Renew Crew of CharlotteRenew Crew of Charlotte, we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive cleaning and protection service that our clients love. Call us today to schedule your appointment at (704) 944-1350. You can also email us at





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