Charlotte power washing doesn’t have to be abrasive to leave your driveway sparkling clean!

Charlotte pressure washingThere is a common misconception among exterior cleaning and power washing companies that in order to get the surface clean you have to be abrasive. This is certainly not the case. Here at Renew Crew of Charlotte we specialize in getting all your outdoor surfaces clean through our exclusive 3-step process.

Typical power washers can damage your exterior

Typical power washers can be abrasive and damage your exterior surfaces.

Commercial pressure washing services simply can’t provide the superior concrete cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, brick cleaning, siding cleaning and deck and patio cleaning you’ll enjoy with Renew Crew of Charlotte. A simple pressure washing company does not have access to Renew Crew’s proprietary cleaning compounds and sealing polymers. These were developed and refined exclusively for Renew Crew. Neither you nor any pressure washing company can purchase these exclusive formulas in any store.


Look at these dramatic before & after images of a few of our completed projects:

Charlotte sidewalk before & after:

Charlotte sidewalk before & after Renew Crew clean:

Charlotte Sidewalk Cleaning Before and After

Another Charlotte sidewalk before & after Renew Crew clean:

Charlotte concrete driveway before & after:

Charlotte concrete driveway before & after Renew Crew clean:

Pressure washing can leave embedded dirt untouched. That’s why Renew Crew employs exclusive solvents that penetrate deep, loosening grime from pores that typical power washing or pressure cleaning can miss. Our eco-friendly solutions kill mold and mildew without harsh chlorine that can bleach your wood and kill your plants. And your surfaces look lovelier longer thanks to special polymers that seal and protect against grime and the elements.

Even leaf residue and stains don't stand a chance!

Even leaf residue and stains don’t stand a chance!

  • We start with a specially formulated, deep-cleaning foam that clings and penetrates, lifting dirt and killing deep mold and mildew. It works on just about any surface, including wood, brick, vinyl, Hardie or stucco — and because it’s eco-friendly, you don’t have to worry about it harming your landscaping, children, or pets.Watch as the dirt and pollen rinse away from this Monroe NC driveway
  • Once the foam has done its job, we rinse it away with a controlled pressure cleaning. Because we don’t use super-high pressure, you never have to worry about coming home to gouges in your siding or deck. If we’re dealing with wood, this is when we strip away any gray wood fibers that dull your outdoor surfaces’ natural beauty.RENEW CREW BA
  • Once the dirt is gone, we keep it out with a special polymer sealant that penetrates to seal pores. Not only does this enhance your surface’s natural luster, it also means it can go longer between cleanings.

Renew Crew of CharlotteYour deck, fence, siding, concrete and pavers don’t have to weather and gray with age. Our cleaning and sealant process stops weathering and cracking in its tracks, giving your exterior hardscapes a new lease on life.

Contact Renew Crew of Charlotte today to learn more about our keeping your outdoor surfaces looking great year after year! Give us a call for a free consultation at 704-445-3210 or send us an email at


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